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Veer Shivaji /
    Jai Bhavani

Pandit Kalidas


Don't expect too much of someone too soon. You may have been dating only a short time, yet in your mind you have built up the idea that this is the "Person of your dreams". Your expectations might be more thean the person can offer or is willing to fulfill. Don't make assumptions based on your hopes for the relationship.

Don't be too open in the beginning. Revealing your innermost feelings, dreams, fears, and desires without the other person sharing her/his emotions makes you very vulnerable. If your partner isn't willing to talk about feelings, chances are (s)he is not ready for a relationship.

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  (96k. Matrimony Wing)
Bride / Groom / Information
Hyderabad Centre, Andhra Pradesh, India
Dear Brothers / Sisters,

If you are in need and looking / searching for a suitable and desirable match for your Daughter / Son. In these aspects you will be happy to know that you can now get a match wider choice of better matches from India / NRI, Faster and more easily from respected cultured and decent families from Maratha96k / Kshatriya for alliance purpose.

For this you will get the best possible choice of matches through a unique combination of traditional match making methods and computerized technology, Your proposed particulars and requirements would reach a large but select group of people seeking for matches, including NRI’s all over India from the Maratha96k / Kshatriya world.

Your proposed profile details and requirements would be matched through a large data base, put together by contacting those matches in India / Abroad. An advanced computerized process would seek out profiles that your specific MATRIMONIAL need. And the results of this search would be in the privacy of your home.

You can do all this through our Maratha96K Shivaji Kshatriya Samaj (Social worker’s Circle) having its network, offer you can get your profile and requirements short listed for OPTION, as per your choice  and  wish.

We have also registered and recorded the late / Second marriage proposals for their resettlements as they are in need Only registered members will have access to your profile and requirements and they will not be able to contact you directly. This is your chance to get a wider and better choice of suitable matches without any cost or compromise. So, register now with just a little effort, you could have so much to gain, to access your messages.

Registering is very easy: All you have to do is fill in the format (enclosed) in full details with recent and attractive Matrimonial snap.+ horoscope and mail us.

In this subject it is kindly requested to see that this valuable and important information is being circulated among our Near ‘N’ Dear within Maratha96k / Kshatriya community, to obtain the proposed and latest information seeking for Bride / Groom for early settlements.

Reasons why Maratha Shivaji Kshatriya Samaj is Top and best option for finding a suitable and reliable match.


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