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Veer Shivaji /
    Jai Bhavani

Pandit Kalidas


Don't expect too much of someone too soon. You may have been dating only a short time, yet in your mind you have built up the idea that this is the "Person of your dreams". Your expectations might be more thean the person can offer or is willing to fulfill. Don't make assumptions based on your hopes for the relationship.

Don't be too open in the beginning. Revealing your innermost feelings, dreams, fears, and desires without the other person sharing her/his emotions makes you very vulnerable. If your partner isn't willing to talk about feelings, chances are (s)he is not ready for a relationship.

  maratha,Kshatriya community,logo  
  (96k. Matrimony Wing)
Bride / Groom / Information
Hyderabad Centre, Andhra Pradesh.
Reasons why Maratha Shivaji Kshatriya Samaj is Top and best option for finding a suitable and reliable match.
  • You can access the largest ever data -base of BRIDE / GROOM.
  • You can reach more people, across more locations.
  • You can detail your matrimonial profile and requirements.
  • You can also include the proposed snap.
  • Your confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • You can make faster contacts with prospective matches.
  • You will have sufficient time to take a wise decision.
  • Your profile and requirements are listed over a much longer period till it is confirmed / finalized as you have desired for.
  • The best matches are searched for you, saving your time, money and energy.
  • Computerized search results / option will be communicated to you by e- mail for information.


The suitable and desirable registered and recorded information of BRIDE / GROOM, INDIA / NRI, will be send for your ready reference.

Service is incorporated * * * but unlimited

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